100 years of women at the Technical University, Vienna


In 1919, the first women were allowed to enroll as regular listeners at the Technical University in Vienna. This year, this milestone in the development of higher education will be duly celebrated. On behalf of the Office of Gender Competence at the Vienna University of Technology, wesearch is preparing a comprehensive publication entitled "1919-2019. 100 Years of Women at the Vienna University of Technology" that will be published in 2019.

photo: TU Vienna

100 years of HEROLD - From a telephone book publisher to an online marketing specialist


In 1919 the Austrian company HEROLD was founded. wesearch retraced the exciting story of the company's 100th anniversary in October 2019 - the HEROLD team was thrilled: "We were very interested in your report, so I forgot everything else. Your research is great – thank you!", Dr. Margit Kaluza-Baumruker, Marketing Director HEROLD.

Klimt Lost - Book and Exhibition


Gustav Klimt died 100 years ago. His original collectors and patrons have since passed as well. Some of them were murdered by the Nazis. Many of them, scattered throughout the world, died in exile, where they were forced to stay even after the end of Nazi reign in 1945. Paintings by Gustav Klimt are not to be found on living room walls anymore, but mostly in museums. Some of his work was destroyed, burned or lost without a trace. Everyday lives that originally took place in front of those paintings ended with the “Anschluss” of Austria in March 1938. At the same moment the personal and familial relationships which the patrons had bound to the works of art were lost. The book "Klimt Lost" edited by Marion Krammer and Niko Wahl thematizes lost works of art as well as lost life perspectives. Each one of Gustav Klimt’s paintings is connected to someone’s personal story. Without these stories the works of Austria’s most famous artist would remain incomplete. The exhibition "Klimt Lost" is on display at Klimt Villa.

Pioneers of photojournalism: Yoichi Okamoto and the Basch Brothers, exhibition


"Yoichi Okamoto and the Basch Brothers. Pioneers of Photojournalism 1945-1955" is the title of the new exhibition, curated by Marion Krammer and Margarethe Szeless. The exhibition pays tribute to the pioneering work of the American picture service and the Basch agency on the basis of selected photographs on Austrian events of the first post-war decade. After 1945, there was groundbreaking impetus for a modernization and renewal of press photography in Austria. These came from the American press photographer Yoichi Okamoto, the long-time director of the American Press Pictures Service in Austria. Okamoto established a team of young Austrian photojournalists and shaped the local press photography scene sustainably with his reportage style. The photo agency of the brothers Johann and Fritz Basch, who had remigrated from Shanghai, also gained great importance in this era. The Basch brothers professionalized the press photo market in Austria with their international agency contacts. The exhibition will be on view on the 7th floor of the Institute of Media and Communication Science at the University of Vienna.

exhibition poster