Digitization as a driver of sustainable development


Digitization and sustainable development - this is one of the focus topics for 2021 of respACT. austrian business council for sustainable development. Together with sociologist Marie Czuray, wesearch has mapped out the field between official digitization strategies and economic challenges. As a prelude and astute introduction to the topic, we recommend our article "Zurück in die Zukunft. Ein Blick in die jüngste Vergangenheit unternehmerischer Innovation".
How can digitalization be sustainable? (photo: pixabay20)

The Generali Globe - historical details in a feature film


In the script for the feature film "What a feeling" by greenkatproductions, two friends are standing on the Albertina ramp in Vienna. Their eyes wander around and get caught by the glass globe in front of the dome of the Generali building opposite. wesearch researched the (art) historical details. When it was built in 1911, the globe functioned as an ozone-powered clock. The globe stands for the global activities of the insurance company, the allegorical group of figures next to it for business success. An intense conversation develops between the friends about the glass globe, and director Kat Rohrer says: "A feature film in particular thrives on accurate detailed research!"
Glass globe of Viennese Generali building, photo: Markus Guschelbauer

The Freihof Castle - residence of the noble family Bachofen von Echt


The Freihof in Nussdorf and its surrounding park are currently being revitalised by Soravia. An exciting question for future residents of the property is who used to reside in these premises and how they were furnished. wesearch therefore looked at the noble family Bachofen von Echt, who had owned the Freihof since 1902 and ran the flourishing Nussdorf brewery until World War II. The search for traces in archives and among family members brought to light previously unknown visual material about the Freihof.
Schloss Freihof in Nussdorf and its surrounding park, photo: Soravia (ZoomVP)

Research of Copyrights for the Karl Schwanzer Archive


Numerous national and international photographers and agencies documented the work of the Austrian architect Karl Schwanzer. wesearch was commissioned by the Karl Schwanzer Archive to research the photographic copyrights and to find legal successors. This has created the basis for further publications on the architectural legacy of Karl Schwanzer - interpreted through the lens of his contemporaries.
photo: Karl Schwanzer archive, around 1972